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Expose your mind!                                                 Open your Heart!                                                                                Fill your stomach!

Welcome to SoulMate

Welcome to Soulmate International Cuisine.
Many times we find ourselves sticking to what we know and what is the “Comfort Zone” to our own Nationality/Race. On the other hand, what do we know about the people around us? What do they contribute to this world. Is it: Style/Religion/Music/Food? Well I’m glad you are curious! Soulmate International Cuisine is a multi-diverse small plate carryout company that challenges their customers to eat with their mind, hearts and stomachs.

To see food in a sense that can remind you and give you a sense of story about other nationalities and backgrounds other than yourself. “Stereotypes” is an all time problem in our society and many cases it can be a life and death situation. I believe it is time for America to re-teach the factory of Diversity. It is our Job as a Restaurant to do so through serving cultural dishes to teach our world about culture and provide a community by participating in yearly service events in order to have everyone receive a chance to be able to help others from different backgrounds succeed in the world and to better understand our World.



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